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Mission Statement

The goal of The Schwartz Report is to highlight a group of athletes in the New England region that are largely unrecognized by the sports media. These young men and women train almost every day in the world's toughest sport with the sole goal of improving themselves and the teams for which they wrestle. The Schwartz Report will seek to shine a light on not just these deserving wrestlers, but also the coaches, league officials, and referees, who make their achievements possible. 

059 May 19, 2022 Max NCC Graduation.JPG

About Max Schwartz

Max Schwartz wrestled for Norwalk High School (CT). and thereafter graduated from Norwalk Community College in 2022. throughout this time, he has been immersed in the New England wrestling community, writing for Division one College wrestling website:, nationally renowned, most notably providing New England rankings for from 2021-2023

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