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New England Class of 2024 Top 30

This past month, I developed a new formula to help in determining pound for pound rankings that I am calling the “Golf Method.” Without exposing the secret formula, it essentially gives each wrestler a score based on their appearances and results in the New England and NHSCA tournaments, as those seem to be the most attended and recognized tournaments by the New England wrestling community.


The formula grades each wrestler on their placement in New Englands and their record or placement in NHSCA tournaments. Each grade has a different optimal score and scoring system. The list is then determined by the lowest score, thus like a game of golf. Those rankings are then combined  with a few “x-factors,” and results from other nationally recognized tournaments, to produce the Schwartz Report’s P4P rankings! 

Seniors (2024): Scored out of 72. Accounting for 2021 Spartan New Englands, 2022 and 2023 New England Tournaments, and 2021-2023 NHSCA Nationals.

Past Rankings

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